As your appointed Case Managers, we help patients communicate with the Trust so that you are able to have better access to your money in order to take care of all your needs.  We treat you as an individual and for this reason your case is handled in a personalized manner. We facilitate quality care for all our patients who have been through the Medico-legal process. Ophilayo prides itself on being leaders in the field of Case Management as we demonstrate time and again the critical importance of integrated patient care.

How We Can Help You

We at Ophilayo explain the entire process to you and your family so that you know what to expect

We listen to your needs and try to implement it by communicating with the Trust on your behalf so that your money can be used to make your life better
We co-ordinate all role players (family, caregivers, trustees, attorneys, doctors) with your needs in mind.
This may include obtaining the following appropriate solutions for your individual needs:

  • Housing,
  • Transport solutions,
  • Home care giving and
  • Appropriate equipment.
Where applicable we ensure that:

  • You receive the right medical care and medications,
  • You receive appropriate therapy and general assistance when required
We help you with any administrative requirements you may need, for example, admission to hospitals, filling out forms, policies, putting together monthly expense lists, liaising with financial brokers and attorneys on your behalf.
We motivate and submit quotations On your behalf for medical needs, emergency expenses, renovations to housing, purchasing of vehicles and equipment for approval.
When required we supply support to ensure that your work environment is suitable and appropriate.

Ophilayo’s vision is to be leaders in our field, empowering people with injuries or disabilities by assisting them to reach an optimal level of wellness, independence and functional capability and to educate role players to bring about a positive interface when it comes to disability support.


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