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Ophilayo was co-founded by two Occupational Therapists (Alison Crosbie and Kirsten du Toit), borne out of the need to assist patients with injuries or disabilities who had settled medico-legal claims requiring a rehabilitation program or plan for a better quality of life.  Each individual person’s needs in terms of intensity of case management will vary according to their needs and support requirements at that point in time. Ophilayo closes the gap by bringing experience and cost effective support to the Trustees and Funders in favour of patient wellbeing, safety and quality care.

Our philosophy at Ophilayo is to assist patients to live a fulfilling life. As Occupational Therapists and Case Managers we offer hands-on client service solutions to meet the requirements and needs of all role players involved, from patient care which is central to our service delivery, to liaising and mediating between the Funders, Trustees, Legal and Medical Professionals, family and community members.


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Ophilayo’s vision is to be leaders in our field, empowering people with injuries or disabilities by assisting them to reach an optimal level of wellness, independence and functional capability. We educate role-players to bring about a positive interface when it comes to disability support.


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