Ophilayo’s experienced team provide practical and comprehensive Case Management solutions assisting Trustees, Funders, Legal and Medical Professionals with the implementation of patient rehabilitation to ensure quality of life for the disabled person.

Creative solutions, superior patient care and a positive attitude, are direct reflections of Ophilayo‘s approach to all situations. This is reflected in their professional, caring and invaluable service managed by the founders, Alison and Kirsten.

Our Team

Alison Crosbie

Ophilayo Co-Director and Case Manager, Nationwide, South Africa Owner/ Director of Alison Crosbie Incorporated


Alison started her own Occupational Therapy Practice, Alison Crosbie Incorporated, which initially specialized in the treatment of children and adults with a range of disabilities.  Since it opened its doors Alison Crosbie Incorporated has expanded into an establishment offering specialized medical legal work. Alison is also co-founder of Ophilayo Case Management alongside Kirsten Du Toit.  Alison prides herself on delivering objective, reliable and professional Medico-legal and Case Management solutions and has an impressive track-record.

She provides mentorship and training to Medico-legal Occupational Therapists and Case Managers to ensure the best outcomes for all role players (eg., patients and their families, clients, trustees, funders and legal professionals.) Alison’s valuable experience enables her to advise and assist legal professionals and families to navigate the complex Case Management process including understanding the patient from a medical and social perspective.


Kirsten Du Toit

Ophilayo Co-Director and Case Manager, Nationwide, South Africa and Medical Legal Expert at Alison Crosbie Incorporated

Kirsten is an experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in Medical legal work and Case Management. She gained valuable experience starting out her Occupational Therapy career at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital where she was part of a team working in Adult and Paediatric rehabilitation. Finding her niche in the Medico-legal field she joined Alison Crosbie Incorporated before co-founding Ophilayo Case Management with Alison Crosbie. Kirsten went on to complete her Masters of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy, specializing in paediatrics, which has facilitated her passion for assisting children with special needs. Kirsten’s in-depth knowledge, experience in the field and pragmatic ability contributes to her success in mentoring Case Managers throughout South Africa.


Runs the show


Tarryn is a mom of 3 girls with a wonderful sense of humour.  She has been with Ophilayo for 3 years and pretty much runs the show.  She is a teacher by qualification and loves helping people.  Ophilayo affords her the flexibility and freedom to fulfil both her passion for her children as well as her passion to help others.  The most enjoyable part of her job at Ophilayo is meeting the children Ophilayo helps and seeing the difference in their lives over time.


Occupational Therapist


Jane is an Occupational Therapist and has been working with Ophilayo since mid 2019.  She enjoys practicing the principles of Occupational Therapy and taking on the stress of the patients to see how she can assist.  She finds it very rewarding when she can see the results the patients achieve over time and how appreciative the patients are.  She makes the patients feel like there is someone on their side and they are not alone.  Outside of work Jane enjoys dancing and playing the guitar.


Occupational Therapist


Lauren is an Occupational Therapist and has been working with Ophilayo since mid 2019.  The mom of a boy and a girl, she is passionate about the medico-legal field.  She enjoys working with people and the challenges the field presents.  She also enjoys fostering relationships with patients and implementing changes to help make their lives easier.  Lauren has been working in the Medico-Legal field since 2014.  Outside of work Lauren is an avid runner.


Case Management


Lynette is a new addition to the Ophilayo team and does Admin & Case Management.  She is a qualified professional nurse.  The mom of a boy and a girl, she is passionate about people.  “If I can make a change in one person’s life, I am happy.”  Lynette loves the fact that as a case manager, no matter the case, she can have an impact in someone’s life. 




Valencia has been with Ophilayo since 2016 and transports our kids to and from doctors appointments, physiotherapy and much more!!  Having a disabled child herself Valencia can relate to the parents and patients on a different level and becomes a pillar of support for many of them.  Valencia is definitely more than a driver, she helps fill out forms at the hospitals, often acts as a translator and sometimes even a mediator in keeping clients happy.  Outside of work, Valencia enjoys spending time with friends and singing at church.  She is full of character and an integral part of the team.


Uber Driver

Reynold is a family man, father of three with four grandchildren.  Reynold has driven for Ophilayo since 2017 as one of our Uber drivers.  Reynold drives patients to appointments and makes sure they are always there on time.  As a driver he as formed relationships with the clients over time.  Outside of work, Reynold is passionate about horses.


Uber driver


Sebastian is a father of two girls and a grandfather to 3 grandkids.  He has been driving for Ophilayo since early 2018 and is passionate about his work.  To him, being a driver for our patients requires reliability and trust.  Outside of work, he enjoys soccer and is an avid Manchester United Supporter.


Trustees & Funders


“We are a trust company (Uberrima Phoenix Trust Management) specialising in Medical Negligence Trusts and our company works closely with Ophilayo – we appoint Ophilayo as case managers for our beneficiaries and have found them to be professional, have a lot of empathy towards the special needs of our beneficiaries, and they play a large role in our clients’ day to day lives. I have found them willing to take on any challenges, big or small, no matter the time of day or day of the week.”

Penelope du Plessis – Managing Director of Uberrima Phoenix Trust Management

Fiduciary Practitioner of South Africa ®

Parents of disabled children


“Ophilayo, and Alison Crosbie, have been amazing with helping me and my son Blake. They have been there to ease the process of setting up my son’s trust fund and managing it effectively. Not only has Ophilayo been there to assist with our physical needs but also our emotional needs. Having a child with special needs requires having a team of special people to make sure that the child has all their needs met, Ophilayo has done just that and continues to do it on a daily basis for us. Ophilayo, Alison and her team, are amazing and a blessing in our lives. Blake and I appreciate all they have done and continue to do for us.”

Rose Lee Watson (Mother of Blake – Blind autistic child)

“My Name is Mathildah Manti Thabana, mother of Lesetja Josias Thabana. We are presently residing in Pretoria East. We are part of Ophilayo case management , Consulting and Training under guidance of Alison Crosby. She assisted me to lay the foundation for my life transformation and my son by equiping me with all information needed and knowledge to raise my special needs child. I am truly an empowed African woman and established my own sewing business, losing 36 kg and leading healthy lifestyle.”

Mathildah Manti Thabana  (Mother of Josias – Severe quadriplegic CP child)

“Ophilayo case managers are just very marvelous to work with, they are so understanding, they listen and see the way forward, just say you are so blessed to have your case managed by them.”

George Buthelezi (Father of Junior – Mixed Dystonic CP child)

“Dear Ophilayo crew

I would like to thank you all for always being there to make our life’s easier as parents , you always put our children’s needs 1st,  respond faster when help is need , I really don’t know what would I asked a parent be , may the good Lord continue to keep all of you stronger and active as always.”

Mpumi Radebe – (Mother of Katlego – Spastic Quadriplegic CP Child)

“I would say you are great case manager. Kind. Our communication with Ophilayo is good. You put the need of a child and family first. You let us decide for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what time we call or text you. Always respond quickly. Whenever we need something for the child, you tell us it is going to be delivered. It doesn’t take time – you keep your promises.”

Xolile Nkosi (Mother of Sibusisu – Mixed CP Child)

“They are very good listeners, easy to talk to, friendly, always available when we need their help. Keep on doing an amazing job.”

Pauline Moiloa –( Mother of Tshepang – Mixed CP Child)

“No they are very good. There is nothing wrong with them. I like them all and they are very friendly to talk to”

Constance Mathapelo Sefatsa (Mother of Kagiso – Spastic Quadriplegic CP Child)

“We are so happy with the service delivery from our case managers, they always willing to help in every aspects physically and mentally without any judgment and complains. Hope it stays that way. Thank you so much guys”

 Judith Zulu (Mother of Wandile’s – Spastic Quadriplegic CP Child))

“They are very helpful and informative makes our lives much easier”

Christina Markham (Mother of Lesedi – mixed dystonic CP)

“They been so kind to me every time I need their help they always there for me even if my son is sick I called them and they come immediately”

Dibolelo Seleke  (Mother of Thato – mixed athetoid CP)

“I wouldn’t have made it easy to be where I am without my case manager Alison, as we all human there were times where I thought some costs were unnecessary and mismanaged but all are not worthy of her continued support and of the best interest of my Nthati and family. As I’m speaking my daughter is more healthier and I don’t know where I could hide myself if you were to be removed from our lives Alison. Many thanks for existence and patience for us all”

Julia Rakgatla – (Mother of Nthatisi mixed CP child

Client – Head & Orthopedic Injuries


“I whas in bad trauma due to an motorcycle accident in 09/2012.i whas in a state hospital for just about an year. I did recieve a lumpsum from the R.A.F which whas funded into a trust.i whas aswell in 3 rehabillitation centre’s for my substance abuse, i had,with no luck of recovery.Ophilayo helped me into an 12 step rehabillitation centre,and has been providing me with guidance on the journey in my recovery,and still is,and has helped me to look after my wellfare.thank you for you’re service’s Ophilayo.”

C L Kruger (Client with Head and Orthopaedic Injuries)

Supplier/Service Providers


“We as 365 Patient Care Services testify that Ophilayo Case Management are hands on, very reliable and readily available 24/7. We have worked with them for the past seven years and found out that their services are second to none. It has always been a pleasure dealing with them on all our clients.

Kind regards”

365 Patient Care Services (Caregiving Agency)

“My name is Esme Moloto residing in Cosmo. It was a pleasure working for Thabana Family (care for Mr Josias Thabana) under guidance of Ophilayo Case Management, Consulting and Training. Thabana Home was well organized by the Help of Alison Crosby and thus making my daily operational requirements of caring for Josias much easier. I acquired more knowledge on how to care for special needs children and excelling in that regard. It was a blessing to work for Thabana Family”

Esme Moloto – (Caregiver)

Ophilayo’s vision is to be leaders in our field, empowering people with injuries or disabilities by assisting them to reach an optimal level of wellness, independence and functional capability and to educate role players to bring about a positive interface when it comes to disability support.


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